Monthly Archives: October 2009

Amazing energy at the kick-off!

Many thanks to Katherine, Dave, Barry, Jacob, Sabrina, Joe, Stacy and everyone who helped make this terrific party a reality. There was a lot of delicious food, drinks, snacks and desserts; there were many fun games; there was much laughter and I know I had a bunch of fun (despite the fact that we… ahem… […]

Kick-off is today! Write-in tomorrow!

Just a really quick note–the kick-off is just a couple hours away! I’m really excited, though a part of me knows I still have to finish my novel outline today…! A note on tomorrow’s write-in: due to a scheduling snafu at the Naperville Public Library, we won’t be in room A–we’ll be in the Children’s […]

BERaven writes about the Pledge

Bonnie Jean Adams, our very own BERaven who co-ML’d the Naperville region in 2005 and who represented us before we even were a separate region, had earlier interviewed Katherine, Mike (aka horatio) and me about the 2009 Pledge and our short story anthology Infinite Monkeys (coming soon to an near you). Check out Bonnie […]

Pictures from the 2nd Prep Session

Saturday, Oct 24th was the second and final preparatory session, this one generously hosted by Barb (babsy55) and Lloyd (Grayraven). They focused on character definition and development. We had 31 people in attendance at the Naperville 95th Street Library; attendees were given various useful handouts, including the 100 Best First Lines of Novels as chosen […]

A Shout Out to the Screaming Pens!

Friday morning, I visited Mrs. Goodman’s writers, the Screaming Pens at Kennedy Junior High School. We discussed NaNoWriMo; I learned that three of them had already written novels and one of them was a previous NaNoWriMo winner in the Naperville region. Unfortunately, the school bus schedule cut into the time we had together, so we […]

National Day on Writing

October 20th was the National Day on Writing! Ack! I missed it. But it’s not too late to act on it; apparently the National Council of Teachers of English is collecting samples of writing through some time in 2010…

Jabber meeting tonight (Oct 19)!

Just a quick note: be sure to come to the jabber meeting tonight (Monday, Oct 19), 7:45 pm CDT. We’ll be doing some writing warm-up word-wars…