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Pictures from our write-ins!

Pictures are now available from the first ever Illinois All-State Write-In, November 22, 2008. The brainchild of Chicago ML TimSimms, the event was hosted by the Illinois::Naperville region at the Warrenville City Hall. 08112_all_state_writein As Katherine noted, the event was lots of fun. I believe that we had close to 40 people in attendance. My […]

Writing, writing, writing

I was going to start this by talking about plugging away at your novel, but, hey, why plug, or plod, when you can skate, fly, sprint, race, throw yourself willy-nilly into the flowing rapids! In other words, continue to have fun. Speaking of fun, the all-Illinois write-in on Saturday was great! During the first word […]

Naperville is at war!

Well, a average wordcount regional word war with Europe::France (here is the great challenge thread in their forum from our own FinbarrMcG). The terms are the same as they were the last two years: the losing region must sing the winning region’s song. Here is our wordwar graph (click through to go to the wordwar […]

When to Write

If possible, and it isn’t always, try to write in your optimal time. In my case, that’s first thing in the morning. Luckily, I can shift my hours around and start work around 9 or 10 on most days. I plan on doing that. I also can get up at 5 in the morning and […]

Pictures from the 11/1 write-in

Pictures are now available from the November 1st write-in at Warrenville. Thanks very much to Katherine for arranging this great space (note to the wise: bring a cushion with you if you want to sit up on the Council seats–the chairs are comfy but a little low for the desk; there are also normal tables […]

Write Ins, Word Wars, and Word Count

The Warrenville City Hall was the site of our first write-in–on November 1st from 1-4. If you didn’t make it this week, there’s another one next week–and it’s a great site (to the surprise of some) with WiFi, comfortable chairs and lots of space. There are also write-ins on Sundays at the 95th library from […]