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Prep workshop #4: Engaging your readers

First year co-Municipal Liaison Frank Dahlman gave a stirring and insight-filled preparatory workshop Saturday, 19 October at the Community Room of the Nichols Library in Naperville. After opening with a cute story about his daughter’s first soccer goal, Frank leapt into the importance of engaging our readers and began a tour of many ways we […]

Using kanbanpad (free) for novel planning?

Ever since I ran into and used the now-abandonware papel for a novel, I’ve been thinking of finding or writing a better novel planning tool. I really like the idea of using 3×5 index cards for this, but in a software tool. I’ve tried celtx and read about Scrivener but I would like a free […]

All about POV’s – notes from the second prep session

Yesterday was our second preparatory workshop, led by our vibrant Crystal Blount.. We had twenty two people in attendance, not a bad turnout for our first Aurora Public Library event.

Sometimes it is better to tell than to show

Most of the time writers are advised to show, not tell; that is, information should be conveyed to the reader through actions and dialogue and not narration. This io9 article by Charlie Jane Anders shows the exceptions to that rule. Good read.

36 Dramatic Situations

Recently I ran across a reference to this list of universal plots, which included a reference to 36 plots from a book by George Polti. I did a a little research on this and found the actual 100-year-old text to the Polti book. You can read it online (nifty interface!). I’m always on the search […]

May 22nd outing (the Journey)

Just a reminder that members of the Journey that we have an outing scheduled for the early afternoon of May 22 at beautiful Herrick lake. You can RSVP on the Current events page (Password protected).

National Day on Writing

October 20th was the National Day on Writing! Ack! I missed it. But it’s not too late to act on it; apparently the National Council of Teachers of English is collecting samples of writing through some time in 2010…