Monthly Archives: September 2007

Sign-ups open Monday evening!

Yes, the exciting start to NaNoWriMo madness arrives Monday evening as they reveal the new 2007 NaNoWriMo website and turn on sign-ups for this year’s contest. The international web site has been frozen the last week as final preparations are made; Russ Uman (firebus) has architected the move from Xoops to Drupal (these are Content […]

Write what you love

Waaay back in the day, I took a college English course on Romance Novels. (I love a good romance novel.) One of our assignments was to write a chapter of a romance in a particular style. I wrote a chapter of a Harlequin style contemporary romance. I struggled. A lot. I got a pretty crummy […]

Using Emotional Response for Plot

October is swiftly approaching and my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel idea still lacks most of its plot. What am I to do? Well, this is one starting point (click on the image to jump to the full diagram): I decided to use Freemind in a brainstorming exercise and I thought about memorable novels and the key […]

October Events

October is right around the corner; and after October comes November, when NaNoWriMo begins. Are your plans for your November novel ready? Plot completed? Characters fleshed out? We have three workshops planned for October that are designed to help participants prepare for National Novel Writing Month. All three events are located at Barnes and Noble, […]

2007 Flyer

Any NaperWriMo’s out there who would like to help us advertise our October events, please print out and post our 2007 flyer. Send us a note or post in the Illinois::Naperville forum where you’ve put the flyer up so we can avoid duplication of effort. Many thanks! –NewMexicoKid

Finding inspiration in pictures

There are times when I find it difficult to get my creative engine started in generating plot, characters, settings, etc. for my story writing. Inspiration isn’t something that easily comes on demand, particularly if you spend a large portion of your day doing analytical tasks. So I spent a little bit of time stumbling to […]

Farewell, Madeleine L’Engle

Noted children’s author Madeleine L’Engle passed away September 8th. She was one of my favorite authors while I was growing up. I loved the passion and neat concepts in her Wrinkle In Time series. She wrote more than 60 books and will be much missed.