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Woodridge and IPPL write-ins on Saturday, 2015-11-21

Here are some photos from some of Saturday’s write-ins: [shashin type=”album” id=”15″ size=”medium” crop=”n” columns=”max” caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

New batch of plot critters for the Nichols write-ins

After a very nice writing day (5833 words) yesterday, I took a break and made a fresh batch of plot critters for today’s write-in: [shashin type=”photo” id=”356,343,355,354,353,348,347,346,345,352,351,350,349,344″ size=”medium” columns=”max” order=”user” position=”center”]

All day write-in, mid-month meet-up and the Nichols Library write-in (Nov 15)

A busy week for NaNoWriMo! Friday was our second annual all-day write-in, organized by our own Katherine Lato (KatherineWriting), former co-ML for the region. The event was very well attended across the day and we had a nice surprise visit from Councilwoman Judy Brodhead, who had just dropped off checks from her and from Councilwoman […]

Good first write-in at Nichols Library in Naperville

Great first write-in! We had 17 people total; most were on our naperwrimo.org/wordcount spreadsheet: Attendees averaged over 3000 words in the three hours.

Final 95th Street Library write-in successful (11/25/2012)

Congratulations, Typesetjez, for winning the “regular season” nanoborg! We had thirteen people at the final write-in at the 95th Street Library. Several nanobots were awarded, including the nanoborg: The average words written during the write-in: 3500+ (even though Joe and Lisa were both writing by hand! and Lisa (TogetherAgain) wrote 1005 words in a 37 […]

Final write-in Nov 27th a great success

Seventeen stalwart wrimos showed up at the 95th Street Library to write today (Sunday, November 27th). This was the final Naperville Public Library write-in of the season (there are still a few other write-ins in the final three days of NaNoWriMo). 111127_95th_street_write-in You can see that folks made great progress on their novels: Joe won […]

Successful write-in at Caribou in Naperville

WritingStudent, scrapacat, squiddish, WriterPete and I broke in the new Box Of Doom today, held some convention word wars and enjoyed a productive morning at Caribou (@Dominicks plaza in Naperville). Then WritingStudent, scrapacat, Squiddish and I went off to lunch at Chipotle (fun!): 111126_nano_writein