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Pictures from the alternate TGIO

Katherine (KatherineWriting) organized a fun-filled and delicious alternate TGIO for those unable to make it on Saturday. Here are photos from the event: 121213 – Alternate TGIO dinner Several prizes were awarded, including an old NaNo poster, a signed mini poster, and two nanobots.

2012 TGIO a fun event

So our 2012 NaNoWriMo experience is at an end. “It’s Over!” We had over 35 people come to the TGIO (not sure of the exact numbers because not everyone signed in and some folks came by late). Dave started us off with the fun “Books in Common” ice-breaker, which Sabrina (bookgrrl) won by having the […]

Final region stats plus what you should consider doing now

Congratulations First, congratulations to all those in our region who won. KatherineWriting (201228), The Peddler of Dreams (125713) and WritingStudent (122222) finished with the top three wordcounts in our region’s wordcount graph. The other winners from our region’s wordcount graph: KatherineWriting, The Peddler of Dreams, WritingStudent, writertodd07, mongrelvw, TRRDEDEAN, Larry72367, waking521, Asreena, sepiahistory, David L […]

Final 95th Street Library write-in successful (11/25/2012)

Congratulations, Typesetjez, for winning the “regular season” nanoborg! We had thirteen people at the final write-in at the 95th Street Library. Several nanobots were awarded, including the nanoborg: The average words written during the write-in: 3500+ (even though Joe and Lisa were both writing by hand! and Lisa (TogetherAgain) wrote 1005 words in a 37 […]

A successful write-in at the Nichols Library

We had a nice write-in at the Nichols Library, our last of 2012. Ten people won nanobots.

Photos from the November 11th Write-in at the 95th Street Library

Our turnout was a bit light (compared to the Nichols Library write-ins); we only had thirteen people present. But people did quite a bit of writing and several nanobots were awarded! Be sure to follow our participants wordcount adventures on our regional graph.

Progressive Write-in a big success

We had our very first Progressive Write-in in Naperville region history! It was great fun, organized by Katherine (KatherineWriting) to go from Caribou to Target to the Hilton Garden Inn Naperville/Warrenville to the Atlanta Bread Company to Rock Bottom Brewery to end up at Caribou. Many participants joined in throughout the day. Many thanks to […]