Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone. As January and 2011 speed towards us on wings of fury, this is the perfect time for some reflection on where we are in our writing Journey. Katherine is hosting one more write-in at Caribou Coffee this year (Thursday, 9:30 am). Our first meeting for the Journey is coming up January 8th; […]

Pictures from our TGIO

And so another National Novel Writing Month comes to a close. We had a great Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over (TGIO) pot-luck lunch party, courtesy of co-ML Katherine (KatherineWriting) who organized the event and came up with the brilliant and fun ice breaker: speed noveling. Final stats for our region: Number of affiliated people = 1193 Number of active […]

Thank Goodness It’s Over

Just a really quick post. Tomorrow is our TGIO pot-luck lunch party; we currently have 49 people estimated to attend. I’m preparing a few raffle prizes tonight: