Monthly Archives: October 2010

Finding your writer’s voice

Today we held an informal workshop on finding your writer’s voice. There were twelve of us participating; and, from all reports, everyone found it a very worthwhile exercise. The content of this workshop was based on the Fan Mail from the Future: Finding Your Writer’s Voice workshop at the DucKon 19 conference; that workshop had […]

Pictures from the 2010 kick-off

Yesterday was the fun, filling and fantastic NaNoWriMo kick-off for our Illinois::Naperville region (representing the cities and suburbs west of Chicago). Our turnout was over 40 people and people seemed to have a great time. Games played included the new Story Table (participants contributed story elements such as characters and plot points and then individuals […]

Upcoming fun at the write-ins

Recently there was a thread in the secret ML forum about making plot bunnies and the question came up: what are plot bunnies?. In the novelist sense, plot bunnies are ideas for plot changes that typically come up once you are working on your well-planned novel with its completed plot. Just like bunnies, they are […]

Finding your writer’s voice

When I attended DucKon 19 this summer (the DuPage County Science Fiction Convention) to participate in its writer’s track, I signed up for a fascinating two hour workshop by noted and talented fantasy and romance author Jennifer Stevenson: Finding your writer’s voice: Fan mail from the future!. I wasn’t sure what the workshop would be […]

New cafepress t-shirt design

I was motivated by the little octopus in the poster we’re raffling off for donated books for the region’s contribution to the Great NaNoWriMo Book Drive and designed this: I’ve added a cafepress store with this design to our array of regional cafepress shops that help defray our ML expenses (hey, we’re unpaid volunteers without […]

Notes from Prep Session Three

Yesterday was our third and final prep workshop for November. Joe Turpin (aka Corrupted Flame) was the host for this session, which focused on Character Development. Many thanks to Joe for a great session! My notes for this session are a bit sketchy because I was the only ML in attendance and had to break […]

The Fabulous NaNo Bookdrive!

Greetings fellow Naperwrimos! Some of you may have heard about the massive Bookdrive that OLL is putting on during NaNo. For those of you who haven’t, here it is summed up: The Office of Letters and Light (the organization that puts on NaNoWriMo every November) is partnering with Better World Books this year to organize […]