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Second Prep Session

We have two more prep workshops planned for October. One occurs tomorrow (Saturday, October 9th) at the Eola Road Branch Library (Aurora Public Library system). See http://naperwrimo.org/locations.php for maps to our event locations. I’ve been told we will be in one of the two rooms that are directly opposite the doors to the branch library […]

Pictures from the first prep session

Yesterday’s prep session, our first for 2010, was informative and fun. We had 29 people in attendance at the Nichols Library in Naperville (many of them were first-timers in NaNo). Katherine gave a great presentation. Here are some of the points I picked up from the session Strategies for NaNo/writing Use the temptation as a […]

Prep Session One on October 2nd.

For details on upcoming events, please see: http://naperwrimo.org/wiki/index.php?title=2010_Events Things to start thinking about: Timeline: Before November: Read books, articles about writing and listen to podcasts: http://www.stormwolf.com/thesecrets/podcasts/ http://www.sff.net/odyssey/podcasts.html Home Think abut how & when you’re going to write. If you plan on writing mainly on the weekends, then be sure you say no to invitations for […]

Notes from the novel prep workshop

Here we are with less than one week before the start of NaNoWriMo–is your novel preparation complete? While there are those who prefer to plunge into November without much if any preparation, I definitely fall into the camp of people who needs the structure and planning to be in place. Otherwise I find I spend […]