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Katherine’s Plot Critters

I’ve been making critters, but only once I reach my word count for the day. To make your own, by the way, you just need: pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, googly-eyes and a glue gun. All available at JoAnn’s or other craft stores.

Kick-Off 2011

  Great party, fantastic food, good conversation, and we made plot creatures. I’m sure Tim will post better pictures. (He took lots of close-ups), but here’s what mine looked like:  

Prep Session One on October 2nd.

For details on upcoming events, please see: Things to start thinking about: Timeline: Before November: Read books, articles about writing and listen to podcasts: Home Think abut how & when you’re going to write. If you plan on writing mainly on the weekends, then be sure you say no to invitations for […]

Stuff to Listen to in prep for November

Read books, articles about writing and listen to podcasts: The Secrets from stormwolf SFF Odyssey Writing Excuses Writers on Writing (Barbara DeMarco Barrett)

Half Way Through October — Planning, Planning, Planning

I’m having a good month, so far, although I keep having the fear that I’ll run out of plot. I had what started out being a fun SF idea–almost dropped it because I was reading stuff about how aliens-are-not-humans-with-weird-ears,or other stuff stressing that there has to be a REASON for aliens to have developed as […]

Planning for November

The next planning session is October 24th at the 95th library from 1-3. It will be led by Barb and Lloyd and will focus on character development and other useful things to make November writing smoother. Now’s a good time to be reading the forums, getting ideas, doing research, etc. Also, sidestepping most social obligations […]

Where did THAT come from

I came across an interesting reference to cliches and their origins that I thought I’d post: