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Story beats and genres: NaNo Prep Workshop – 2015-10-03

Anastasia Zoldak (anastasia007) gave the first of our four 2015 preparatory workshops today (2015-10-03), looking at advice for plotters and pantsers, how to use story beats and the consideration of genre. Anastasia presented the workshop since her collaborator Todd Hogan (writertodd07) was unable to make it. Twenty five enthusiastic participants, including a fair number of […]

Prep workshop #4: Engaging your readers

First year co-Municipal Liaison Frank Dahlman gave a stirring and insight-filled preparatory workshop Saturday, 19 October at the Community Room of the Nichols Library in Naperville. After opening with a cute story about his daughter’s first soccer goal, Frank leapt into the importance of engaging our readers and began a tour of many ways we […]

Katherine Lato shows how Characters are Story

Author Katherine Lato (aka KatherineWriting) led participants through her preparatory workshop Characters are story. This informative workshop delved into many aspects of characters: how to make them feel real to the reader, how to keep them interesting, how best to work them into scenes, how to handle their back story, etc. There were plenty of […]

Hit the ground writing!

Relax, sit back, enjoy. Think about the type of writing that first excited you. Think that you’re writing that fiction. You’re writing at your most creative, most powerful. In the most successful and imaginative and lyrical way you can. Out there is a public that is urging you to finish your novel so it can […]

First prep session notes (emotional response)

The first prep session (Emotional Response: How to connect with your readers) is now completed. The XMind mindmap we used in the workshop is now available We had about thirty people in attendance in the Community Room of the Nichols Library. Next weekend (13 October), Tom Ostler will lead the second preparatory workshop down in […]