Hit the ground writing!

Relax, sit back, enjoy. Think about the type of writing that first excited you. Think that you’re writing that fiction. You’re writing at your most creative, most powerful. In the most successful and imaginative and lyrical way you can. Out there is a public that is urging you to finish your novel so it can devour what you’re writing. They’re lining up outside the bookstores to pick up your book. The critics are clamoring to read your work. Your publisher wants the number of your Swiss bank account: royalties and advances to deliver to you. And even your mother is proud of you.
The thing to consider: What would you write if you knew you couldn’t fail?
— This is just one of the exercises that Todd Hogan posed in today’s workshop.

Todd Hogan, attorney, writer and editor, gave an inspirational and helpful presentation today in the Warrenville Public Library to twenty five eager NaNoWriMo participants. His talk “Hit the Ground Writing!” covered an array of diverse topics to help prepare the attendees for the NaNoWriMo challenge that lies ahead.

Todd deftly referenced meaningful quotes, funny and interesting pictures and comics, anecdotes from his personal experiences and those of his friends as well as engaged in dialogue with the audience, which appreciatively gave him a warm round of applause at the workshop’s end. Todd shared some very intriguing tips and solid advice. One tip I particularly liked was his suggestion that writers light a candle when they are writing–it lends to the right atmosphere, it symbolizes creativity, and you won’t want to waste the candle’s light–it’s working hard, you should too!

I’ve seen some very good preparatory workshops offered by the best and brightest members of the Journey over the years and can say without hesitation that Todd has set a very high mark among them for the workshops that follow.

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