Monthly Archives: December 2009

TGIO 2009

We had nearly 50 people attending this year’s fun TGIO (Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over!) party at the Naperville Municipal Center lunch room. Things mostly went very smoothly, though I forgot to give out a prize for best colored-in Dragon Map (doh! I even brought one…). David got us going with a NaNo-bingo (with custom squares and different sheets) […]

A funny cartoon from HannahK

HannahK, a talented and winning wrimo from Holland, has been writing brilliant little cartoons all month long. Today she posted this gem: 😉 ———- Nu ook Dutch NaNo Team 2009 merchandise!! Very funny (even if we don’t wear nappy’s in Naperville)! –NMK

What a great finish!

So there we were in the jabber chatroom. little_shakespeare and liveluvlaugh07 had popped by, as had JenniferRyukage and KatherineWriting; but at the very end it was just TRRDEDEAN, ajey and me. I was mostly writing because I was afraid we might lose the regional word war and because TRRDEDEAN and ajey both had writing goals […]