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Inter-regional word war vs. Ottawa County Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Naperville region has challenged Ottawa County Grand Rapids, Michigan to an inter-regional word war (based on average word count), with a side-bet that the losing region must record themselves singing the regional song of the winning region.

A funny cartoon from HannahK

HannahK, a talented and winning wrimo from Holland, has been writing brilliant little cartoons all month long. Today she posted this gem: 😉 ———- Nu ook Dutch NaNo Team 2009 merchandise!! Very funny (even if we don’t wear nappy’s in Naperville)! –NMK

Naperville battles Birmingham-West Midlands and Holland & Belgium!

Our Naperville region is in a fierce regional word war vs. England::Birmingham-West Midlands and Europe::Holland & Belgium. Naperville writers–we are currently behind, but a concerted push can help us catch up! At stake–the losing region of each of the two wars must sing (and record themselves singing, as demonstrated so charmingly by France in 2008) […]