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More sculpey plot critters for the final Sunday write-in at Nichols

Since I know that attendance will likely be on the lower end for the final write-in at Nichols, I’ve created a bunch of new plot critters for word war prizes. Hope you like them!

Second weekend of write-ins

So here we are at the second weekend of NaNoWriMo 2015. I managed to attend three write-ins: Woodridge (hosted by Cee-Bee), Warrenville (hosted by jen.e.moore) and my own hosted write-in at Nichols Library in Naperville. Many thanks to Ed for bringing donuts to Woodridge and delicious pies to Naperville. Thanks also to Catherine (Cee-Bee) and […]

A successful write-in at the Nichols Library

We had a nice write-in at the Nichols Library, our last of 2012. Ten people won nanobots.

Photos from the November 11th Write-in at the 95th Street Library

Our turnout was a bit light (compared to the Nichols Library write-ins); we only had thirteen people present. But people did quite a bit of writing and several nanobots were awarded! Be sure to follow our participants wordcount adventures on our regional graph.

Progressive Write-in a big success

We had our very first Progressive Write-in in Naperville region history! It was great fun, organized by Katherine (KatherineWriting) to go from Caribou to Target to the Hilton Garden Inn Naperville/Warrenville to the Atlanta Bread Company to Rock Bottom Brewery to end up at Caribou. Many participants joined in throughout the day. Many thanks to […]

Very productive write-in at Nichols Library in Naperville, 4 November!

Averaging over 3100 words per person across the three hours, the 26+ participants of the write-in at centrally-located Nichols Library to be productive and fun. Several nanobots and many limited-edition nanobot cards were awarded in NaNoBot word wars and Box of Doom contests. Sarah (WritingStudent) wrote over 7000 words to lead the group. Here are […]

A full day of write-ins, Saturday, Nov 3rd

We had a full day of writing yesterday (Saturday, November 3rd), thanks to Sarah Kovacs, who organized and hosted the write-in at the Carol Stream Library, and to Catherine Brennan, who organized and hosted the write-in at the Woodridge Public Library. In between, eight of us met for lunch at the Hot Dog Palace.