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The 2016 NaNoWriMo season thus far

Here are we at November 6th; we’ve gone through our preparatory workshops and kick-off party in October, and our first write-in at Nichols Library (part of our Library Crawl). Here are many of the pictures that make up our journey thus far. [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_7764.JPG” image_size=”1600×1067″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” […]

What to do if the NaNo servers are slow or inaccessible?

I noticed today that the NaNo servers are already experiencing delays and some flakiness–a lot of pages are timing out. What happens when hundreds of thousands of users try to simultaneously use a site like NaNoWriMo? Ideally, everything hums along smoothly. But sometimes (and this has happened each of the last few years) the first […]

Katherine’s Plot Critters

I’ve been making critters, but only once I reach my word count for the day. To make your own, by the way, you just need: pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, googly-eyes and a glue gun. All available at JoAnn’s or other craft stores.

Kick-Off 2011

  Great party, fantastic food, good conversation, and we made plot creatures. I’m sure Tim will post better pictures. (He took lots of close-ups), but here’s what mine looked like:  

The first Journey meeting for 2011

Just a reminder that our first meeting for the 2011 Journey is tomorrow, Saturday, 8 January 2011. Everyone interested in the Journey should already be on the Journey e-mail list, but it is not too late to get involved. Bring a lunch and come to rooms BC in the lower level of the Naperville Municipal […]

nanowrimo site slow/creaky

Just a quick note: I know that the site has been very, very slow or timing out or even down at times yesterday and today. This is … er… normal. That is, it’s happened before in the past. Don’t fret–it typically only lasts a day or maybe a few days; and then it clears […]

Plot bunnies at Eola Road tonight, 6-8 pm!

I’ll be at the Eola Road branch library tonight with plot bunny prizes for the first Aurora Public Library write-in (6-8 pm). Come on out!