Pictures from the 2010 kick-off

Yesterday was the fun, filling and fantastic NaNoWriMo kick-off for our Illinois::Naperville region (representing the cities and suburbs west of Chicago). Our turnout was over 40 people and people seemed to have a great time.

Games played included the new Story Table (participants contributed story elements such as characters and plot points and then individuals took turns using two minutes to tell the best story they could with cards from the story idea tech). Here’s some pictures from that game:

Sara (xaanterra), our fearless bookdriver-in-chief, provided lots of excitement for the raffle that included prizes such as chocolate, a nice moleskine journal, a bag of exotic coffee beans and the $100-donation NaNo poster. I think that she came away with at least two boxes of books from the event (many donated by PersiaRose, who won many prizes). I believe that Jayme Rani won the NaNo poster.

Thanks to everyone who brought food and drinks and supplies to share. It was a great potluck lunch party!

And now we wait with breathless anticipation for the coming of November 1st, when we can begin unleashing our creative impulses and write our novels!


Original story

Naperville’s big pot-luck lunch kick-off party is Saturday, October 30th and it is shaping up to be a huge party (nearing 50 people!). Writers young and old (and in-between ;-)) and their friends and family are coming together to celebrate the incipient start to National Novel Writing Month (November 1st, right after midnight).

I just made 50 sets of our nifty goodie for tomorrow (a useful tool for November!) and it is not too late to RSVP to let us know you’re coming out to celebrate with us.

For those of you who are coming, please be sure to bring serving utensils for your dishes (for those bringing a dish) and consider bringing a stuffed animal for our traditional group photo. If you have any writing-themed games, they’re welcome too. Oh, and be sure to bring some gently used books to donate–you’ll get one raffle ticket for each book donated.

Logistics are in the RSVP thread in our regional forum.


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