Finding your writer’s voice

Today we held an informal workshop on finding your writer’s voice. There were twelve of us participating; and, from all reports, everyone found it a very worthwhile exercise. The content of this workshop was based on the Fan Mail from the Future: Finding Your Writer’s Voice workshop at the DucKon 19 conference; that workshop had been presented by the talented author Jennifer Stevenson.

The link on the above picture will take you to a google picasa web albums page with images from the workshop. One thing we’ll need to work on is timing–the workshop lasted over 2.5 hours (though, to be fair, some attendees arrived late).

Katherine brought homemade brownies and cranberry coffee cake.

I’ve gathered and summarized some online resources on finding your writer’s voice; this page is on our NaperWriMo wiki. This information was handed out as a two-page handout at the workshop.

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