The Fabulous NaNo Bookdrive!

Greetings fellow Naperwrimos! Some of you may have heard about the massive Bookdrive that OLL is putting on during NaNo. For those of you who haven’t, here it is summed up:

  • The Office of Letters and Light (the organization that puts on NaNoWriMo every November) is partnering with Better World Books this year to organize a massive bookdrive, and the different regions are being asked to have a local bookdrive.
  • BWB is an organization that takes used books and resells them, with a portion of the proceeds going to different non-profit groups that promote literacy around the world.
  • The books that WriMos in the US, Canada, and the UK collect will be shipped or picked up by BWB, and a percentage of the profits will go to OLL to help fund their various projects promoting literacy and creativity for adults and children.

(More info at:

Why is this important? Well, Naperville is joining in on the bookdrive craziness! Yep, for the rest of October and during November we are going to be collecting as many used books as we can get our hands on! We’ll be collecting used books at various events including write-ins and the Kick-off Party on October 30th. The Kick-off Party is an especially great time to bring in donated books as raffle tickets will be given to everyone who donates a book or five that day. The raffle prizes include the large 2010 NaNo poster (currently otherwise available in the NaNo store only to those who donate $100 or more), gourmet coffee, and maybe a gift card or two..

So plan a book-hunting expedition up to your attic or to the depths of your basement and pull out those forgotten books, and join us at the Kick-off Party on October 30 at 11:45-3 pm at the Naperville Municipal Center (RSVP and information thread).

Also check out the sticky thread for the Naperwrimo Bookdrive. There is a ton more information posted there including what books are and aren’t accepted, tips on where to find used books to donate, events where there will be someone collecting donated books, and much more! The thread will be updated frequently as the bookdrive progresses.

I’m always looking for volunteers to help out in various ways. 🙂 Please check out the sticky thread for opportunities.

Let’s make this a great November!

-Sara Bolds (xaanterra)

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