2012 TGIO a fun event

So our 2012 NaNoWriMo experience is at an end. “It’s Over!” We had over 35 people come to the TGIO (not sure of the exact numbers because not everyone signed in and some folks came by late). Dave started us off with the fun “Books in Common” ice-breaker, which Sabrina (bookgrrl) won by having the most books in common with other attendees; and he made it more interesting by giving out prizes, including a few official NaNoWriMo keychains, and some custom NaperWriMo buttons and pencils.

We handed out our usual set of certificates and graphs:

From 121208 The 2012 NaperWriMo TGIO

We also talked about the Journey, our year-round writing group and gave out as door prizes three NaNoWriMo posters and some custom signed posters like these:

And we sang our regional song:

Also available as an mp3

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