Write Ins, Word Wars, and Word Count

The Warrenville City Hall was the site of our first write-in–on November 1st from 1-4.

If you didn’t make it this week, there’s another one next week–and it’s a great site (to the surprise of some) with WiFi, comfortable chairs and lots of space.

There are also write-ins on Sundays at the 95th library from 1-4.

Join us and write away.

Although the official site is slow, it is possible to update your wordcount (you may have to retry a few times with the novel info link on the left hand side of the main screen) You’ll be happy later that your graph reflects what you actually wrote on day one, so if possible, update your wordcount. (My daughter is ahead of me, and is very happy about that.)

Next Saturday, anyone interested can join in a meet up (where we don’t write) starting around 4:15 at Rock Bottom in Warrnenville. You don’t have to come to the write-in first, but it could be a nice reward for writing a few thousand words or winning a word war. Oh, and next week there is a chance at the Warrenville City Hall to win a frog in a car–it was a big hit today.

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