Writing, writing, writing

I was going to start this by talking about plugging away at your novel, but, hey, why plug, or plod, when you can skate, fly, sprint, race, throw yourself willy-nilly into the flowing rapids! In other words, continue to have fun.

Speaking of fun, the all-Illinois write-in on Saturday was great! During the first word war, the buzz of keyboards clicking was awesome. It was funny, I sat next to NewMexicoKid who said it was intimidating since most people never seemed to pause to think, just type, type, type. Well, although he thinks he ususally pauses, there was a steady buzz from his keyboard. Cableshaft, I believe, has a secret circuit connecting lifesupport to his computer as well as directly tapping into his thought processĀ  since he didn’t breathe during the entire seventeen minutes, I swear. Now, he claims ThePiratass next to him beat him in every word war, so I can only imagine what her detailed typing sounded like.

There are still write-ins on Sunday afternoons and one more on Saturday. There are also jabber chats and with Thanksgiving schedules changing things, people may be online at different times. Join in if if helps you with word count.

Don’t forget about our TGIO party in December! All are welcomed, regardless of final word count. Come celebrate with us.


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