Kick-off is today! Write-in tomorrow!

Just a really quick note–the kick-off is just a couple hours away! I’m really excited, though a part of me knows I still have to finish my novel outline today…!

A note on tomorrow’s write-in: due to a scheduling snafu at the Naperville Public Library, we won’t be in room A–we’ll be in the Children’s Program Area near the rear of the library. Come on out–1-4 pm, November 1st, 95th Street Library, Naperville. Bring your laptop (if you want to use my spare, let me know in advance), extension cords and power strips. Snacks and drinks are welcome but not required.

Also! Those of you with jabber accounts should pop into the naperville chatroom when you want a word-war. No need to schedule things in advance. Type: word_war help for instructions on how to use our jabber bot to time word wars online.

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