Amazing energy at the kick-off!

Many thanks to Katherine, Dave, Barry, Jacob, Sabrina, Joe, Stacy and everyone who helped make this terrific party a reality. There was a lot of delicious food, drinks, snacks and desserts; there were many fun games; there was much laughter and I know I had a bunch of fun (despite the fact that we… ahem… didn’t sing our regional song this year due to lack of time). Click on the image below to see the gallery of photos from the event.

We raffled off the 19″x25″ poster by Lil Tuffy (which apparently is otherwise only available at a $100 donation level from the NaNo donation store). Squiddish won this and was the winner of a small, region-signed poster for the Books-In-Common icebreaker game!

We also raffled off two index card books with custom cover designs:

catatone1 and kornbrot each won one of these (there are two more that I’ll make available at the TGIO!). I don’t recall who else won one of the small signed posters, but I hope to make a downloadable copy available here for everyone.

Tomorrow is November 1st. The start of the NaNoWriMo writing madness (less than three hours away as I write this!!!). We invite everyone to drop by the naperville@ jabber chatroom for some word-wars… and people are also welcome to attend the first write-in at the 95th Street Library in the Children’s Program Area, 1-4 pm. Bring your laptop; extension cords and power strips are also welcome. Snacks should be allowable.


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