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Oct 10 plot prep session recap

I’ve been meaning to write a post including my notes from the great first prep session that Dave (TRRDEDEAN) led; however, this past week was just filled with those pointy work and real life priorities that tend to trump NaNo for me. So I think I will just post the pictures from the first prep session and encourage folks to come out to the second one, which is 1-3 pm this coming Saturday (Oct 24th) at the 95th Street Library. Pictures after the jump…

Half Way Through October — Planning, Planning, Planning

I’m having a good month, so far, although I keep having the fear that I’ll run out of plot. I had what started out being a fun SF idea–almost dropped it because I was reading stuff about how aliens-are-not-humans-with-weird-ears,or other stuff stressing that there has to be a REASON for aliens to have developed as […]

Planning for November

The next planning session is October 24th at the 95th library from 1-3. It will be led by Barb and Lloyd and will focus on character development and other useful things to make November writing smoother. Now’s a good time to be reading the forums, getting ideas, doing research, etc. Also, sidestepping most social obligations […]

Oct 10th Plot Prep Session!

This Saturday, October 10th, from 1-3 pm is our high energy Plot Preparation Session. Located at the beautiful 95th Street Library in Naperville (part of the Naperville Public Library), this event is designed to prepare participants in National Novel Writing Month for a successful novel-writing in November. Led by Dave (TRRDEDEAN) and myself (Tim aka […]

How to access our jabber chatroom

Here are instructions on how to access our jabber chatroom. Pidgin setup instructions are included.

Event at Anderson’s Bookshop

Thanks to all the WriMo’s (Daniel, Bob and Bob’s wife (argh, I’m so bad with names–was it Tracy?)) who stopped by our table at the front of Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville on Saturday (October 3rd). Many thanks to Lloyd (Grayraven) who did an incredible job reaching out to the customers and Barb (babsy55) who set […]