Pictures from the 2nd Prep Session

Saturday, Oct 24th was the second and final preparatory session, this one generously hosted by Barb (babsy55) and Lloyd (Grayraven). They focused on character definition and development. We had 31 people in attendance at the Naperville 95th Street Library; attendees were given various useful handouts, including the 100 Best First Lines of Novels as chosen by the editors of American Book Review; and they also received our 2009 NaNoWriMo hipster PDA and a WriMo Rock (note: we had some hPDA’s left over–I’ll bring these to the kick-off).

Here are some images from the session (note: like Barb and Lloyd’s t-shirts? You can buy one here):

Many thanks to Barb and Lloyd for a terrific prep session!

–Tim (NMK)

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