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The Fabulous NaNo Bookdrive!

Greetings fellow Naperwrimos! Some of you may have heard about the massive Bookdrive that OLL is putting on during NaNo. For those of you who haven’t, here it is summed up: The Office of Letters and Light (the organization that puts on NaNoWriMo every November) is partnering with Better World Books this year to organize […]

Amazing energy at the kick-off!

Many thanks to Katherine, Dave, Barry, Jacob, Sabrina, Joe, Stacy and everyone who helped make this terrific party a reality. There was a lot of delicious food, drinks, snacks and desserts; there were many fun games; there was much laughter and I know I had a bunch of fun (despite the fact that we… ahem… […]

Kick-off is today! Write-in tomorrow!

Just a really quick note–the kick-off is just a couple hours away! I’m really excited, though a part of me knows I still have to finish my novel outline today…! A note on tomorrow’s write-in: due to a scheduling snafu at the Naperville Public Library, we won’t be in room A–we’ll be in the Children’s […]