Weekend write-ins

A whole host of new plot critters await the winners of the word wars at write-ins on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (note: the squid is already promised to Squiddish, who charmed everyone at the kick-off with her great Halloween costume (Ragedy Ann).
Don’t know what to bring to a write-in? We have a thread for that (yes, come visit our regional forum for lots of useful information and as a way to become part of the extended family that is NaperWriMo).

But what are write-ins for?

They are for people to come to with their laptops and notebooks to work on their stories in a communal setting. There is a little small talk, but the main focus is to get words on paper. We have some fun word wars (with small prizes) to help motivate folks.

It’s too far away 🙁

Have difficulty coming out to our write-in events? You can host your own (see the thread for details) and let us and others know where, when you are writing. You can also use our jabber chat room for virtual write-ins. We even have a helpful jabber bot named word_war that you can use to time the word wars. Just type: word_war help. Let me know if you need a jabber account.

I want to see more of those plot critters

Ah, I thought you would never ask! The first image above is hyperlinked to the picasa gallery, but here are a few images:

See you at the write-ins!

Wait! Where are the write-ins and when do they begin?

You can find them on our events page and on our google calendar.

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