Pictures and more from our fun kick-off!

We had about 35 NaNoWriMo participants attending (plus some non-participant guests) this fun kick-off party. There was a great spread of contributed food, including Catatone1’s special chocolates (the dark-chocolate chess pieces were delicious!):

Roger Lubeck led a highly appreciated session about self-publishing. I unfortunately didn’t get to attend this because I was leading a parallel session, but Roger graciously agreed to come back in January or February and talk with the Journey (our year-round writing group). Roger will be making his slides available soon (stay tuned–I’ll add a link to them in this article).

Co-Municipal Liaison Dave Dean (TRRDEDEAN) kicked off things with two fun ice-breakers. Here he is talking with the table that ended up winning the second ice-breaking contest 🙂

Co-ML Katherine Lato (KatherineWriting) told about how write-ins work and the great prizes she will be offering at her write-ins.

I will be giving out (to word war winners) plot bunnies (and other plot critters) at the Sunday write-ins in the Naperville Public Library system. See our list of events for logistics. We might schedule some meet-ups in the midst of November for those who like to socialize.

Brian (cableshaft) won the prized Chris-Baty-signed NaNoWriMo poster (the ultimate raffle).

Katherine and I led two Awesome tables of wrimos wanting to learn and practice how to make plot critters. No one was seriously injured (ow). 🙂

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