Saturday (Nov 5) write-ins – a report


Saturday, November 5th, was one of our busier write-in days in recent memory. We had write-ins in several locations. I attended two of them: a morning one in Carol Stream (hosted by co-ML Katherine (KatherineWriting)) and an afternoon one in Woodridge (hosted by Catherine (Cee-Bee)). The Carol Stream Public Library librarian Sarah Kovacs provided us with three Apple iTunes gift cards as word war prizes and coffee and donuts! The Woodridge Public Library librarian Denise Murray was unable to attend the afternoon write-in but set up the room very nicely with extension cords and power strips.

Carol Stream Write-In

The Carol Stream Public Library is nicely set up. The room we had was off by itself, so we could be mildly loud at times with conversation without bothering others around us.

Katherine (Squiddish) at long last received her plot squid (won at the Kick-off party for having the best costume).

Sarah brought us coffee and donuts!

This is Sarah with her new plot sea turtle.

Beyond the three iTunes card winners (I think that Joe won the first one), Ky (scrapacat) won a pink plot bunny.

Lisa (TogetherAgain) won the Slow-and-Steady award.


We had a nice lunch at the China Buffet.

Woodridge Write-In

Here we are at the bright, sunny room at the beautiful Woodridge Public Library. We had brownies to munch arm and plenty of access to power.

Oh, there are the smiles! 🙂

Brian (cableshaft) won the first word war!

Brownie enjoyed listening to music.

Brian won the second word war and the first “second-win” prize. Thanks for being such a good sport!

Katherine (Squiddish) won the next word war.

Catherine (Cee-Bee) wins the pink-hatted bunny for hosting!

Katherine (Squiddish) with a “second win” hat

Mary (Teenwriter) with her word war prize

Victoria (Pazazu) with her plot lobster word war prize!