Yearly Archives: 2009

TGIO 2009

We had nearly 50 people attending this year’s fun TGIO (Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over!) party at the Naperville Municipal Center lunch room. Things mostly went very smoothly, though I forgot to give out a prize for best colored-in Dragon Map (doh! I even brought one…). David got us going with a NaNo-bingo (with custom squares and different sheets) […]

A funny cartoon from HannahK

HannahK, a talented and winning wrimo from Holland, has been writing brilliant little cartoons all month long. Today she posted this gem: 😉 ———- Nu ook Dutch NaNo Team 2009 merchandise!! Very funny (even if we don’t wear nappy’s in Naperville)! –NMK

What a great finish!

So there we were in the jabber chatroom. little_shakespeare and liveluvlaugh07 had popped by, as had JenniferRyukage and KatherineWriting; but at the very end it was just TRRDEDEAN, ajey and me. I was mostly writing because I was afraid we might lose the regional word war and because TRRDEDEAN and ajey both had writing goals […]

Pictures from write-ins

Write-ins can be inspirational, focusing, and productive; a welcome break from writing alone by yourself. Here are photos from three of our recent write-ins: the 95th Street Library (in the children’s area; normally we are in the nicer room A), Warrenville City Hall, and the 2nd annual Illinois Statewide write-in hosted at the Inn of […]

Naperville battles Birmingham-West Midlands and Holland & Belgium!

Our Naperville region is in a fierce regional word war vs. England::Birmingham-West Midlands and Europe::Holland & Belgium. Naperville writers–we are currently behind, but a concerted push can help us catch up! At stake–the losing region of each of the two wars must sing (and record themselves singing, as demonstrated so charmingly by France in 2008) […]

Daily Herald article about our region!

Susan Dibble wrote this article in the Daily Herald about our region of Naperville (dated 10/30/2009). Take a look! Since Naperville became an official region in 2005, 130 to 160 aspiring writers from the area have participated each year, Yao said. Last year, 37 percent won – that is validated their novels on the organization’s […]

Amazing energy at the kick-off!

Many thanks to Katherine, Dave, Barry, Jacob, Sabrina, Joe, Stacy and everyone who helped make this terrific party a reality. There was a lot of delicious food, drinks, snacks and desserts; there were many fun games; there was much laughter and I know I had a bunch of fun (despite the fact that we… ahem… […]