We have a great slate of events for the 2018 National Novel Writing Month season. Notes from previous preparatory workshops are available. The popular Library Crawl offers writers plenty of opportunities to work on their novels at write-ins while earning chances for nice prizes at the TGIO. As always, consider joining the Writing Journey, our year-round writing group.

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  • Thank you! - 11 December 2017
    That’s it–NaNoWriMo 2017 is in the books and fully over for this year. In our region, 443 novelists wrote 8,667,345 words with an 19,565 average wordcount. 134 of the 443 novelists made it to the 50,000 word mark (an amazing 30%!). For those participating in our NaNo Faces community wordcount graph, 57% completed their 50,000 […]
  • First preparatory workshop notes and slides are available - 8 October 2017
    We’ve posted the slides and notes from our first NaNoWriMo Preparatory Workshop in this season–Anna Gabrielli’s Worldbuilding and Character, which was a fascinating blend of useful tools/perspectives on worldbuilding and small group exercises to see how to do a top-down vs. bottom-up approach. I found the workshop quite useful for learning new ways to add […]
  • How to come up with a novel idea - 27 August 2017
    There are many, many ways people come up with ideas for their novel. Sometimes they grow organically. Sometimes inspiration strikes through a dream. And sometimes one has to help the process along. What I did this year was to think of ten to fifteen scenes from favorite books. How did each scene make me feel? […]
  • The 2016 NaNoWriMo season thus far - 6 November 2016
    Here are we at November 6th; we’ve gone through our preparatory workshops and kick-off party in October, and our first write-in at Nichols Library (part of our Library Crawl). Here are many of the pictures that make up our journey thus far. [peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-eT2uAgPk5j8/WB-6M4SlCCI/AAAAAAAAV3c/EHJ_5T5BZo46bkhEzKOOJdzLLjLFf3QyACCo/s144-o/IMG_7764.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/105925355887379892873/6349998639309451809?authkey=Gv1sRgCIj6usX3n-zrLg#6349998730047195170″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_7764.JPG” image_size=”1600×1067″ ] [peg-image src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-8ShMGtufsmg/WB-6MXIhjvI/AAAAAAAAV30/WySkALflE281tjnAIOibYsyZlw5pVSd5QCCo/s144-o/IMG_7761.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/105925355887379892873/6349998639309451809?authkey=Gv1sRgCIj6usX3n-zrLg#6349998721146654450″ caption=”” type=”image” […]
  • RSVP for the kick-off party (2016) - 15 October 2016
    It’s not too early to RSVP for our October 29th, potluck lunch kick-off party at the Naperville Municipal Center, 11:45 AM-2:45 PM. Be sure to bring your stuffed animal for the group photo. There will be door prizes, games and the opportunity to socialize with writing friends. Feel free to bring family and friends along […]
  • 2015 Thank Goodness It’s Over Party - 9 December 2015
    Saturday, December 5th saw about fifty people come to celebrate the end of National Novel Writing Month. The fun began with an ice breaker created by co-Municipal Liaison Frank Dahlman, where each of five groups was given two characters, a setting, and two objects and told to create a story. As people came in, Sarah […]
  • More sculpey plot critters for the final Sunday write-in at Nichols - 26 November 2015
    Since I know that attendance will likely be on the lower end for the final write-in at Nichols, I’ve created a bunch of new plot critters for word war prizes. Hope you like them!
  • Woodridge and IPPL write-ins on Saturday, 2015-11-21 - 22 November 2015
    Here are some photos from some of Saturday’s write-ins:
  • New batch of plot critters for the Nichols write-ins - 22 November 2015
    After a very nice writing day (5833 words) yesterday, I took a break and made a fresh batch of plot critters for today’s write-in:
  • All day write-in, mid-month meet-up and the Nichols Library write-in (Nov 15) - 15 November 2015
    A busy week for NaNoWriMo! Friday was our second annual all-day write-in, organized by our own Katherine Lato (KatherineWriting), former co-ML for the region. The event was very well attended across the day and we had a nice surprise visit from Councilwoman Judy Brodhead, who had just dropped off checks from her and from Councilwoman […]