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Pictures from our TGIO

And so another National Novel Writing Month comes to a close. We had a great Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over (TGIO) pot-luck lunch party, courtesy of co-ML Katherine (KatherineWriting) who organized the event and came up with the brilliant and fun ice breaker: speed noveling. Final stats for our region: Number of affiliated people = 1193 Number of active […]

Thank Goodness It’s Over

Just a really quick post. Tomorrow is our TGIO pot-luck lunch party; we currently have 49 people estimated to attend. I’m preparing a few raffle prizes tonight:

Final two days

The Final Two Days We have just two days of writing left! Check the events list, join a write-in but write! Don’t give up. I’ve seen people pull out a win in the final seconds after 11:59 PM on November 30th. I’ve seen people write their way back from the brink. Even if you have […]

TGIO 2009

We had nearly 50 people attending this year’s fun TGIO (Thank-Goodness-It’s-Over!) party at the Naperville Municipal Center lunch room. Things mostly went very smoothly, though I forgot to give out a prize for best colored-in Dragon Map (doh! I even brought one…). David got us going with a NaNo-bingo (with custom squares and different sheets) […]