Final two days

The Final Two Days

We have just two days of writing left! Check the events list, join a write-in but write! Don’t give up. I’ve seen people pull out a win in the final seconds after 11:59 PM on November 30th. I’ve seen people write their way back from the brink. Even if you have no hope of winning, consider helping us out with our word war with Calgary…

Word War vs. Calgary

I hope you’ve found this inter-regional word war vs. Calgary a motivational influence. We’ve only two days remaining in which to catch up to Calgary. Don’t write us off just yet. Yes, we’re down by 580 words per wrimo (averaged across our region, counting all those homed to Naperville with non-zero wordcounts), but it isn’t impossible for us to come back. We just need to write, write, write–all of us.

What’s at stake? Well, our unbroken record of victories dating back to 2005; and we’d have to record ourselves singing the Calgary regional song (which ironically is based on an old American folk song 😉 ). Really. Let’s not put ourselves through that…

Validating and Winning

If you pass 50,000 words before midnight, December 1st (that is, the last minute of November 30th), you can validate your wordcount (see the menu item under My NaNoWriMo). This is a simple copy (from MS Word) and paste (into the designated box) before submitting your story for word counting. NaNoWriMo will count (and discard) your words; you must validate to be eligible for the free CreateSpace book proof. Questions? NaNoMail NewMexicoKid (Tim), KatherineWriting (Katherine) or TRRDEDEAN (Dave).

TGIO Party

As NaNoWriMo (November) draws to a close, whether you succeeded in your goals or maybe fell a bit short, come on out to the Thank Goodness It’s Over party! This is a fun-filled pot-luck lunch (sign up to bring a dish!) at the Naperville Municipal Center Lunch Room.

I’m planning to bring fried wontons to the TGIO (using my mother’s recipe):

I’m also raffling off some very newly made plot bunnies!

Be sure to RSVP to the TGIO party!’s

After NaNoWriMo

Katherine (KatherineWriting) wrote a great post summarizing options for what to do after NaNo ends. There are many choices, none of them mutually exclusive. One of the top choices is our year-round writing group, the Journey. The Journey begins January 8th, 2011; past Journeys have included short story anthologies (see Infinite Monkeys from the 2009 Journey).


See the Welcome to the Illinois::Naperville region post.

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