Fall 2015 slate of preparatory workshops

It’s that time of year again. The time when millions of people around the world sit at their computers, or grab their pen and notepads, and write a novel during the month of November. The world wide phenomenon known as Nanowrimo is set to begin Sunday, November 1st. The question is, are you ready? For many, the answer is not quite. So what can we do to prepare? Thankfully, the members of the Naperwrimo writer’s group, supported by area libraries, are here to help you prepare for the frantic fun just around the corner. During the month of October, there are four preparatory sessions planned for writers to meet and prepare their plots, characters, or writing brains for the upcoming month.

The first preparatory session will be October 3rd at the Nichols Library in Naperville, run by Anastasia Zoldak and Todd Hogan. Are you a planner or pantser? Don’t know?! Then join us for an introductory NaNoWriMo session on story beat points, discuss genres and learn how NaNoWriMo can support your writing. Let’s have some fun! Join us on our adventure as we discuss the basics and challenges of writing.

The second preparatory session is the night of Thursday, October 8th at the Aurora Public Library. Tim Yao and Catherine Brennan lead this preparatory workshop. The why’s & how’s of writing a novel in a month. Bring your laptop or notebook and pen to this highly interactive and entertaining workshop to gain a better understanding of how NaNoWriMo works and how you can succeed in writing your novel this November. There will be (small) prizes and even an example word war!

The third session in our series is October 10th at the 95th Street Library in Naperville. Whether you’re a plotter strategizing your battle plan or a pantser curious about investing in a Nanowrimo road map, this session will help you visualize your novel rather than writing blind. Led by Sam Brown, aka “Basil Cliffside,” you will learn how to turn your story idea into 30 bite-sized pieces so you can avoid that deer-in-the-headlights feeling every day you’re faced with an empty page.

Our last session of the year is October 17th at the Nichols Library in Naperville. Todd Hogan and Kathryn Stepp will host a session focusing on the characters for your novel. In this workshop, titled Characterology 101: Heroes, Villains, Lovers, and Amigos, you will take a look at Characters’ roles in your stories.  Also, you will study the difference between stereotypes, archetypes and your own characters. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as one of their favorite characters. There will be two breakout sessions:

    • Explore Character Development and their Motivation / Mindset
    • Use Characters’ Conflicts and Motivations to Create Scenes

Also, be sure to join us for the potluck kickoff party on Saturday October 24th at the lunch room of the Naperville Municipal Center from 11:45 -2:45. There will be food, games, and fun for all. Once the writing has begun, we will have our annual all day write-in Friday November 13th at rooms BC of the Naperville Municipal Center. This write-in will begin at 9am and won’t finish until 9pm. This all day event is a great way to sit for hours and churn out words, or even stop by for a short word war or two to get ahead on your word count.

The Naperville region of NaNoWriMo, representing the cities and suburbs west of Chicago, is partnering with many area libraries to offer write-in events in November for people to use to work on their novel while others around them are working on theirs. These libraries include: Aurora (the new Main branch), Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Helen Plum Library (Lombard), Indian Prairie (Darien), Nichols Library (Naperville), Plainfield, Warrenville, Wheaton, and Woodridge. In addition, the Side Street Studio Arts (Elgin), in conjunction with the Elgin Literary Festival, is participating this year. For more information, see naperwrimo.org.

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