Shakespeare Readers Theatre – March 13 and April 16 and 24

The works of William Shakespeare are beautifully written but many aren’t aware of how much fun they are to read and to act. The Journey, the writing group associated with this Naperville region of National Novel Writing Month, has scheduled some sessions for folks to come out to read-through (no memorization required!) one of Shakespeare’s works (we’re leaning towards Much Ado About Nothing). Everyone old enough to read Shakespeare is welcome to join us–everyone present will have at least some part in the work (and maybe two or three 😉 ). No experience or preparation is needed (though it can be helpful to watch some of the free performances of the plays beforehand).

What do you need to bring? A book or e-book (many are available online or free) of the Shakespeare play we will be performing. If you have a tablet or e-book reader, this works very well. The library also has many Shakespeare books that can be checked out.

What about dinner?Since the sessions are 6 pm – 8:30 pm, we encourage folks to bring some snacks to tide them over. Feel free to bring some to share. We’ll likely go out afterwards to get some dinner.

What should you expect? The members of the Journey are a fun-loving, creative group; reading Shakespeare and acting out scenes is a lot of fun (and sometimes funny). This is a great way to spend an evening stretching your boundaries a little and making new friends.

Where and when are the sessions?

  • March 13 (Friday), 6-8:30 pm, Community Room at the Nichols Library in Naperville
  • April 16 (Thursday), 6-8:30 pm, Upstairs room at the Woodridge Public Library
  • April 24 (Friday), 6-8:30 pm, Community Room at the Nichols Library in Naperville

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