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Fresh plot critters!

Hot off the grill! Available only at the Sunday write-in (November 13th, 95th Street Library: see logistics). From 111112_nano_plot_critters Also see photos from the Caribou write-in yesterday (November 12th): 111112_nano_writein_caribou And November 6th write-in at Nichols Library: From 111107_nano_nov6_writein 111107_nano_nov6_writein

Saturday (Nov 5) write-ins – a report

111105_nano_writeins Saturday, November 5th, was one of our busier write-in days in recent memory. We had write-ins in several locations. I attended two of them: a morning one in Carol Stream (hosted by co-ML Katherine (KatherineWriting)) and an afternoon one in Woodridge (hosted by Catherine (Cee-Bee)). The Carol Stream Public Library librarian Sarah Kovacs provided […]

Weekend write-ins

A whole host of new plot critters await the winners of the word wars at write-ins on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (note: the squid is already promised to Squiddish, who charmed everyone at the kick-off with her great Halloween costume (Ragedy Ann). Don’t know what to bring to a write-in? We have a thread […]