Entering the final third

Today is the 19th; the day after tomorrow is the start of the final third of National Novel Writing Month–the final ten days. How is your novel going? Have you made it over the hump? I sit somewhere above 30k words and have yet to hit act II… Worse, new responsibilities at work have left me with no time to write the past two days; but vacation time is kicking in next week and I hope you will see my word count grow hugely over that time span.

Write-ins: The Sunday write-in this weekend (11/21) will be at the 95th Street Library; I have a fresh batch of plot bunnies available and will be giving out eight on Sunday to word war winners.

Wish I could go to the Illinois All State write-in Saturday–those events are always a lot of fun (we hosted the first one in Warrenville a couple years back).

Donations: I encourage all of you to consider donating to the Office of Letters and Light that sponsors National Novel Writing Month. Running NaNoWriMo for hundreds of thousands of writers world wide takes quite a bit of money each year. So far, fewer than 5% of Naperville participants have made donations; can we get that up to 10%?

Word War: I see we’ve made a little headway against Calgary in our inter-region word war. Let’s make up the 235 word gap and win this thing so they can learn the fun of singing our regional song.


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