Caribou Coffee Saturday, Nov 20

As many of you know, there are write-ins on Saturdays at Caribou Coffee. Due to an unavoidable engagement, Katherine won’t be able to host this weekend; however, since I am a bit behind in my writing but starting my week-long vacation, I will try to fill in for her and will be there from 9:30-11:30 AM. Anyone who comes early to help me grab tables will receive a handy, dandy NaNoWriMo table sign, useful for when you’re NaNo’ing in a cafe.

I also made a fresh batch of plot bunnies for Saturday’s word war winners:

Don’t forget your power strip/extension cord (sometimes comes in useful) :-).

Those coming to the Sunday write-in (1-4:30 pm, 95th Street Library, Naperville) who win word wars will have their pick of the 16 plot bunnies (not pictured here).

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