And Belgium and Holland pay off their bet…!

Today I received this wonderful e-mail from Arike, one of the MLs for Belgium and Holland:

Dear Tim, other MLs and participants of Naperville,

First off, a very happy new year to you! We hope you’ve a had some good holidays, family time and rest, and we wish you the very best for 2010.

Once upon a November, Naperville neatly beat Holland and Belgium in a word war. The stakes were to sing the other region’s song, and so we did, at a late TGIO party. Several of those gathered to raise their glasses in celebration volunteered to do our best in a rendition of your song. We were well prepared: computer, mike, lyrics and example of the song were all there, so we gathered round for a few practice rounds. You can imagine how those practice rounds went in a crowded pub. We crashed and burned rather spectacularly. In reparation, we also offer you a song of St Nicholas (our Santa Claus, who comes on December 5th). We hope you like it, and we apologise to any sensitive musical ears that might be listening. We hope we entertained you a little, at least. We enjoyed the word war loads, hope that you did too, and once again happy new year from this side of the big pond!



I’ve posted the mp3 on our 2009 TGIO and word war results page. Thank you!


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