Just in Case

In case you’re chomping at the bit for November 1 (or even if you’re a tiny bit scared that it’s almost here).

I was trying to get ahead on critiquing in an online forum that I belong to and came across  a neat template for examing a piece of writing that might provide people another way to look at their preparation material for November. If this makes you go–oh no! then just ignore it. But I thought some people might find it useful, so I paraphrased the main points. (And dropped the ones that really only applied after the piece had been written.)

I didn’t actually answer these questions for my own November novel, but I did think about them. I’m a big believer in letting my subconscious do a lot of work. So I like to feed it ideas to get it focusing.

1) Will the beginning grab the reader’s attention and interest? Will it give readers a question that they want the answer to?

2) Will there be inner-conflict, diffrent values, wishes, and desires within the character’s own mind?

3) Will there be outer-conflict — clashes between characters?

4) Will your reader receive answers to all the questions that arise in the story? Will the answers be believable?

5) Will the reader be able to picture the setting and are all five senses used?

6) Will the reader sympathtize with the main character? Will they care what happens to him/her?

7) Will there be a moral to the story?

Again, if these questions make your anxious, don’t worry about them.

And there’s a jabber chat tonight (Thursday, the 30th) at 8:00.   Hope to “see” you there.


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