Graphs, write-ins and playing catch-up!

Hello, fellow ‘wrimos!

I’m Tim (aka NewMexicoKid), one of three co-Municipal Liaisons for Illinois::Naperville, our fun-filled region that represents the western suburbs of Chicago (centered in Naperville). We have our own regional song and partnerships with the Naperville Public Library and the downtown Naperville Barnes and Noble.


Our opt-in regional graph is now available:

Just post a reply in this thread to be included on the graph.


Just a reminder that we host write-ins every Sunday in November from 1-4 pm at the Warrenville City Hall and at the 95th Street Library. Three hours of word-war-filled writing time. What are word wars? These are short but productive bursts of writing when everyone tries to write the most words in a defined period. There is plenty of plain writing time as well; it is amazing how much you can write at a write-in, so plan to come out and participate!

Catchin’ up

With work pressures and tool work, I’ve lapsed in my writing the last two days and actually fallen below the line. I can see there are many of you who are in similar situations. Don’t despair! Don’t give up (unless, of course, there is something of higher priority that you can’t avoid, such as school)! It is amazing how many words you can catch-up in a very short time. My very first year of doing NaNo, I made up 15,000 words in just three days (the last three days, as it happens). You can too!

Regional word war

We’re closing in to the end of our second week, so that means it is time to challenge another region to a regional word war… Who will this mysterious region be? Stay tuned…


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