Prepare for NaNo by writing a story

Some of us in the Pledge-to-Publish had talked about hosting one or two jabber chatroom write-ins before NaNoWriMo officially begins November 1st. These might be the perfect warm-up for NaNo: imagine writing a short story in the brief timespan of a jabber write-in, a story that uses characters from your novel-to-come but that is set at an earlier time…

All we have to do is to pick an evening (or two) and a time for the activity and we’ll be set. What do you have to do to prepare?

  1. think of your underlying story idea
  2. ensure you have a working jabber account–contact me if you need one created or if you’ve forgotten your password (if it is a jabber account I’ve created)
  3. add a comment here with suggestions about when to schedule our preparatory write-in(s)


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