Progress in novel planning

I think I am finally achieving a critical mass of novel planning this year. How can I tell? As I was driving home from work today, two of my characters began to interact with each other. I felt very much like the audience at a play (mind you, I was still paying attention to driving my car)–I had the radio off and was entertained by two of my protagonists having a long conversation with each other, even arguing with each other over certain points that I had to make a mental note to remember to include in the novel.

So how goes your preparation for November, now only half a month away? Are your characters beginning to get their own voices?


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  • Oh, yes. Actually, what’s amazing is that as I am doing these huge character description sheets, how much the characters are changing and coming alive. I’m continually amazed at what these character description sheets will prompt my mind to come up with. Not just ideas, but entirely new supporting characters!!

    My romantic hero’s younger sister has definitely sprung to life in the last few days. She has become the voice of reason, much like my ex-con biker Bob did in last year’s nano.

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