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Entering the final third

Today is the 19th; the day after tomorrow is the start of the final third of National Novel Writing Month–the final ten days. How is your novel going? Have you made it over the hump? I sit somewhere above 30k words and have yet to hit act II… Worse, new responsibilities at work have left […]

nanowrimo site slow/creaky

Just a quick note: I know that the nanowrimo.org site has been very, very slow or timing out or even down at times yesterday and today. This is … er… normal. That is, it’s happened before in the past. Don’t fret–it typically only lasts a day or maybe a few days; and then it clears […]

Reminder: Last prep workshop Saturday, Oct 16th

Just a reminder that the third and final prep workshop is Saturday, October 16th. It will be led by Joe Turpin and will cover character development. Come on out to the 95th Street Library in Naperville, 1-3 pm CST.

Naperville Sun article!

Jenette Sturges, Naperville City Hall reporter, wrote this neat article about us in the Naperville Sun! What is better, she says she is going to try out NaNoWriMo this year!

2011 event dates

Some of our 2011 event dates have now been nailed down! Yeah, I know–everyone is thinking about this year’s NaNo (2010). 2011 seems a lifetime away… But for our region, it wasn’t too late to be thinking about room reservations. We’ve locked down rooms BC at the Naperville Municipal Center: Journey kick-off: January 8, 11:45 […]

Some exercises to prepare for NaNo

Here are four exercises you can do to help prepare yourself for NaNoWriMo: take one or two of your characters from your novel-to-be and place them in an uncomfortable situation: e.g., kidnapped or captured by someone. How do they react? What do they do? What do they say? Did any of your characters experience tragedy […]

Need a title?

Check out the title engine that collates titles from NaNoWriMo’s Title Adoption thread in the Adoption Society forum.