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Entering the final third

Today is the 19th; the day after tomorrow is the start of the final third of National Novel Writing Month–the final ten days. How is your novel going? Have you made it over the hump? I sit somewhere above 30k words and have yet to hit act II… Worse, new responsibilities at work have left […]

Halfway there…

At the end of today, November 15th, half of this precious month will be in the history books. I hope that it has been a memorable fifteen days, filled with productive writing sessions, fun write-ins and many new friends. Oh, and I hope that the end of the day finds you with at least 25,000 […]

Sunday write-ins at the Naperville Public Library

Just wanted to give some additional details about the upcoming Sunday write-ins at the Naperville Public Library since there are two locations we are using this fall: Sunday 11/14: Nichols Library, down in the community room (lower level), 1-4:30 pm Sunday, 11/21: 95th Street Library, room A, 1-4:30 pm Sunday, 11/28: Nichols Library, down in […]

Important information from NaNoWriMo

Saturday, Nov 13th is “Back-Up Your Novel Day.” I can’t tell you how many emails I get from people who lost their novels and are wondering if we have copies of them. Of course we don’t, so that’s why we always encourage people to back them up on a separate computer or hard drive! One […]

Naperville Sun story about our region

Just saw this Naperville Sun story about our region by Jenette Sturges. Take a read…

First week blahs — how to fix them

I’ve been seeing a few posts and nanomails from folks who find themselves slowing down or blocked from proceeding further with their novels. I think that some of this may be due to inexperience with the novel form. It is not uncommon for people who have written short stories to run into this phenomenon even […]