A fun kick-off! 2014-10-25

We had a fun kick-off this Saturday (2014-10-25) at the Naperville Municipal Center Lunch Room. Thanks to everyone who brought delicious food. Special thanks to Katherine (for organizing the event and running the ice breaker and keeping us on schedule), Barry (for all the behind the scenes stuff he does), Sabrina (for her help), Frank (for running the raffle), Sarah (for organizing the library crawl), and to Brian and Jez for the last part of the clean-up (thanks to Katherine, Barry and Sabrina, Carol and Catherine (Cee-Bee) for the first part of the clean-up). Thanks also to Elaine’s hubby Al for taking the group photos and to Nan for taking a lot of the other photos.

Katherine led us through a fun ice breaker that got everyone talking–people had to find things their characters (or characters from books they had read, for those not writing novels) had in common. Prizes were awarded to those who participated; I think that Sandy (Tink5050) won the ice breaker contest with most things in common. A fair number of participants won prizes in the raffle, including two of the big posters, six of the small ones, three journals, two short story anthologies and two small gnomes.

Afterwards, people worked on writing exercises or else played picture telephone (two rounds with amusing results–click to see PDF of these – 3Mb).

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