Prep workshop #3: all about structure and plot

Roger Lubeck, Ph.D., author, editor and member of the Journey, gave an information-rich presentation on story structure and plot at the 95th Street Library in Naperville. Detailed notes are available from the workshop.

Roger covered the well known novel story structures, different plot types, a discussion on handling point of view, advice on outlining, and some practical examples of the three act story structure. Worked into the presentation were several interactive exercises.

Roger encouraged people to have more than one novel idea ready before November so they wouldn’t be stuck with the first idea that came along. He noted that NaNoWriMo takes commitment and a lot of time and effort; it is important that writers really want to write their novel idea.

Roger finished with some advice for how folks could be successful in their NaNoWriMo quest.

Next week (19 October), new Naperville co-ML Frank Dahlman will give the final preparatory workshop “Keeping Your Readers Engaged” at Nichols Library in downtown Naperville.

All of our region’s preparatory workshop material is available from this wiki page.

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