A neat thank you note

Writer and NaNoWriMo participant Ada Vaughan cc’d me on a nice thank you note to NaNoWriMo. I’d like to pass this along to our great NaperWriMo community. She wrote:

Dear NaNoWriMo Folks,

I guess you probably get hundreds of letters like this from Wrimos all over the world. So my voice will add to the joyful cacophony. I’m writing today to let you know that I self-published my first novel yesterday. Last November was my fourth time participating, and my third time winning NNWM. After writing 50k+ words, I attended some webinars, did a bunch of editing, and generally hemmed and hawed about whether I should look for a publisher. In the end, listening to the two published writers (Sarah and Ian? – sorry if I’m misremembering their names) on that webinar helped me focus on what I want:

  1. To write more books
  2. To entertain readers
  3. To make enough money for snacks

Therefore, self publishing with createspace and KDP seemed like the way to go.

Thank you very much for your wonderful program, and for encouraging amateur writers like me. Thanks also to the great group of folks in Naperville (Chicago area) who hosted write-ins and sent awesome pep talk emails. I’m looking forward to writing the next installment in my series this Fall. November 1st, here we come!

If you’re curious about the book, it’s in the Chick-Lit genre, entitled Sweets (Book 1 of the Windy City Witches Series). Here’s the Amazon link.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help promote NaNoWriMo this Fall (or anytime).

Kind regards,
CuteyBaby, LLC

On behalf of our NaperWriMo region, Ada–you’re welcome! Congratulations on your book!


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