Editing workshop at DucKon 19

I experienced my first ever SF convention and writers workshop at the recent DucKon 19 in Naperville (18-20 June 2010). It was a blast! Lot’s of fun and very interesting. Met some nice (and talented) people. I would recommend it to anyone in the general vicinity, though next year the writer’s track may move to MuseCon 1 (It sounds like DucKon 20 will focus on the non-writer/non-artist SF convention entries).

One of the writer’s track sessions was a workshop on editing, led by Tom Lee, who is the husband (and personal editor of) SF/Fantasy/Horror author Tammy Jo Eckhart. He covered copy editing and substantive editing. You can see my notes on editing.

I will write later about some of my other experiences at DucKon 19.


P.S. If you haven’t done so, read Ted Chiang’s award winning short story “Exhalation”

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